Kroger Community Rewards

GREETINGS CALVERT FAMILY!  As some of you know Kroger has made some changes to their Community Rewards Program. They are committed to carefully protecting their customers’ personal information.  In order to meet their customers’ expectation of privacy they have adopted a simple policy to never share a customer’s personal information.  Therefore, things have changed on what we need you (the Calvert Family) to do in order to continue to receive the Kroger tuition credit benefit.

 STEP 1:   Make sure you have registered your Kroger card (and any other Kroger cards that have agreed to help you) on the KrogerCommunity Rewards website (  Sign in to your account (or create a new account if this is your first time).  Go to “My Account” , then “Account Settings”.  At the bottom right there is a box that says,  “Community Rewards”.  This is where you enter in the code for our school – 83448.  If you have successfully registered your card it will have “CALVERT CATHOLIC SCHOOLS” in the Organization Name.   This has to be done once a year – April is the re-enrollment month so if you have not done this yet, do this as soon as possible!  This will have to be done once a year in April (don’t worry we will send a reminder email/text).

 STEP 2:   Kroger makes a donation to Calvert Catholic Schools four times a year.  THIS IS WHERE THE CHANGE IN THE PROCESS HAPPENS!  We will send out an email and text to the Calvert Family each quarter when Kroger posts the new quarter amounts.  Then we will need you to print off the screen shot that states how muchKroger donated to Calvert on your behalf.  Please put the parent’s and student’s name on that screen shot so we know where to apply the credit.  You can hand in this screen shot to either school office.  I will collect the papers from both offices and give the tuition credit amounts to the billing office.

 STEP 3:  Our billing office will apply 75% of your earnings  towards your tuition – the other 25% goes to Calvert Catholic Schools.  Your earned amount is deducted off your tuition bill.  RECRUIT YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS TO HELP REDUCE YOUR TUITION BILL!!

 STEP 4:  Kroger just posted the most recent quarter amounts so you can start the new process NOW!  Print off the screen shot for each card member that has agreed to help you and hand them in to the office.  DON’T FORGET to put the parent’s and student’s names on the screen shot print outs.

 If you have any questions about this or would like help, feel free to contact Lori Rombach at 412-592-3664 or