Service Scholarship Opportunity


Calvert Catholic Schools believes that the education of our students is a partnership with our families. As part of our effort to educate CCS students, it is essential for our families to support CCS in its continued effort to educate and enlighten our children through stewardship to others. When planning for the 2014-2015 school year, the Board and Administration made the decision to offer a scholarship opportunity to acknowledge the service hours given by many Calvert Catholic Schools families and to encourage all families to donate their time and talents to support the efforts of the school.

Scholarship Service Requirements

The Calvert Service Scholarship is available to all families of K-12 students at Calvert Catholic Schools. To receive the Calvert Service Scholarship, each family (regardless of number of students) is required to serve a minimum of 25 volunteer hours at school or parish activities and events per school year. The Calvert Service Scholarship of $250 per student will be credited to the family/student’s account upon completion of service hours and appropriate documentation. Family members will have a variety of opportunities throughout the school year. Service hours may be completed between May 1 and April 30 for a particular school year. When service hours are completed, the Service Hour Record Sheet should be turned into the main office of your respective building. All Service Hour Record Sheets must be turned in to the school on or before April 30 to count towards the current school year. Middle and high school students may assist in completing the service hours for the scholarship. However required student service hours for Religion classes do not qualify for the Calvert Service Scholarship.

Service Opportunities

There are ample opportunities for families to complete service hours. As previously mentioned, many families already give beyond 25 hours of service each year. The hours given by families are gratefully acknowledged and appreciated by the Board, Administration, and Staff of CCS. Below are some examples of opportunities for service hours:

•Volunteering at Parish Activities: Festivals, Reverse Raffles, etc.

•Serving on Organizations/Committees: Athletic Boosters, Spiritual & Academic Boosters, Music Boosters, School Board, etc.

•Volunteer Coaching: Little Senecas, CYO, etc.

•Assisting Classroom Teachers: Tutoring, Bulletin Boards, Clerical Work, etc.

•Volunteering in the Elementary Library: Shelving Books, Reading to Students, Clerical Work, etc.

•Supervising Students: Cafeteria, Playground, Field Trips, etc.

•Hosting a Foreign-Exchange Student

•Volunteering at Athletic Events/Activities: Concession Stand, Selling Tickets, Clean Up, etc.

•Volunteering at School Events/Activities: 6th/8th Grade Recognition Banquet, Graduation, Plays, Musicals, Sacramental Prep, Book Fair, etc.

•Assisting with Organization/Management of Fundraisers: Scrip, Box Tops, Autumn Auction, Annual Fund, etc.

•Assisting with Maintenance/Remodeling: Painting, Light Construction, Plumbing, Electrical, etc.


Businesses & Services

If your family owns a business/service that could provide a service to CCS, please consider offering the product or giving the service in fulfillment of service hours. Once the Service Hours have been fulfilled for the school year, volunteering these products/services will then become tax deductible and a receipt for taxes may be obtained from Gerald E. Schoen, Superintendent/Principal.

Recording Service Hours

When service hours are completed, a Service Hours Record Sheet should be completed and submitted to the main office of your respective building. Records of service hours will be maintained by CCS for each family. Families who choose not to complete service hours will not be eligible for the Calvert Service Scholarship. These families will be billed $10 per hour not volunteered at the end of the school year.


A family may choose not to apply for the Calvert Service Scholarship and instead pay the $250. If families do not plan to complete the required services hours for the Calvert Service Scholarship, they should notify Gerald E. Schoen, Superintendent/Principal ( Because the Scholarship is part of the tuition agreement of CCS, this payment is not considered a donation. Families should notify the main office if they do not plan to complete the required services hours for the Calvert Service Scholarship.

Instructions on how to keep track of hours available here: 
Record Sheet available in school offices or download here: